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West Village, NYC
Private Residence

This 3,000 sq. ft. West Village duplex, penthouse loft was designed as a one
bedroom apartment. The space was created out of 2 factory buildings; the
main floor is bisected by a three foot masonry wall. The new design creates
new openings in this wall and makes living, dining, kitchen and
guestroom/study areas that are open to each other but can also be isolated
with a series of cherrywood door-walls. With small windows on the main
living floor, two large skylights bring daylight to the previously dark
areas of the loft.

Upstairs the master bedroom and bath have continuous windows with a
spectacular view of the Hudson River. Fenimore Rosenberg Kolb finished the bathroom
floor and walls with glass mosaic tiles.

The second level opens to two large deck areas commanding panoramic views of
the Hudson River from the Statue of Liberty to the George Washington Bridge.
The detailing here has a nautical theme with weathered teak furniture and
cedar decking, running lights, stainless cabling and circular steel stairs.