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At least one partner is directly involved in every project. A relationship-based approach to design and the clients' needs has resulted in an unusually diverse portfolio of "crossover" projects from repeat clients. The clients' requirements, schedule and budget are carefully integrated into the design process from the outset of each project. There is a broad and sophisticated stylistic diversity in the firm's work which allows the design direction to evolve from the needs and image of the client, not from unrelated design preferences. Where appropriate, energy efficient and environmentally sound applications of materials and systems are incorporated. Exploring new materials and employing them in new ways is an ongoing challenge that provides fun and that adds singularity to the firm's designs.

Notable projects include: the design of The Somerset Resort and Condominiums on Grace Bay; The Grace Bay club Spa and Retail Store; The Turks and Caicos Banking Company and many private residential projects all in the Turks and Caicos. In New York City notable projects include the 600-key Holiday Inn on 57th Street in Manhattan, the fantastic and technically complex Jekyll & Hyde theme restaurant; a long-term relationship and many projects for New York University; and the ongoing renovations to Beretta's retail store.

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