Belongings Design and Architecture and/or the principles of the firm have completed notable projects in the following areas of practice:

West 22nd Street & 6th, NYC

East 56th Street & 1st, NYC

East 68th Street & Lex, NYC

West 67th Street & Madison, NYC

East 68th Street & 5th, NYC

East 70th Street & 5th, NYC

East 73rd Street & 3rd, NYC

East 73rd Street & 3rd, NYC

West 74th Street & Madison, NYC

East 75th Street & Maison, NYC

East 76th Street & 5th, NYC

East 79th Street & Park, NYC

East 83rd Street & Park, NYC

East 83th Street & 3rd, NYC

East 84th Street & Park, NYC

East 85th Street & Park, NYC

East 94th Street & Park, NYC

East 94th Street & Lex, NYC

Bank Street, NYC

Central Park West & 90th, NYC

East End Avenue & 82nd, NYC

Fifth Avenue & 74th, NYC

Fifth Avenue & 82nd, NYC

Fifth Avenue & 92nd, NYC

Lexington Avenue & 67th, NYC

Lexington Avenue & 68th, NYC

Madison Avenue & 76th, NYC

Park Avenue & 93rd, NYC

Park Avenue & 77th, NYC

Park Avenue & 57th, NYC

Park Avenue & 59th, NYC

Park Avenue &66th, NYC

Park Avenue & 78th, NYC

Park Avenue & 88th, NYC

Park Avenue & 92nd, NYC

Central Park West, NYC

Sutton Place, NYC

The Waldorf Tower, NYC

York Avenue, NYC

The Ritz Tower, NYC

United Nations Plaza, NYC

Boca Raton, Florida.

Madison Ave & 90th, NYC